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Special order items and great ideas for home theater control

Xantech RT8 IR Router

The Xantech RT8 IR Router has 8 individually controllable IR blaster ports. Each port is enabled via your IR remote allowing a single remote to individually control up to 8 set top boxes fo the same type. RT8 Manual



  • › 2-way X10 compatibility, IR capability, and control of almost anything
  • › Control 256 X10 devices and execute up to 1024 IR commands
  • › Expandable with up to 128 expansion modules
  • › Features built-in RS-232 port for programming by a PC

Available expansion modules:

Example Applications:
The ocelot was used along with an I/O expansion module in several episodes of Monster House on the discovery channel. In one episode contact switches were connected to piano keys which where then wired to an I/O expansion module. The ocelot was programmed to control a CD player via an IR link such that a 30 second music clip was played when one of the piano keys were pressed.

Custom programming is also available

16 Zone IR Expander

Expand IR outputs 16 at a time

16-Zone IR Output Module for the Leopard II Touchscreen allows you to independently control 16 IR outputs

Leopard II

X10 Serial

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